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friday faves: Turkey Day Stuffs

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Putting together this post I had this moment where I thought, 'Well shit, if I had my act together I would have done all of these things and have gifts and decorations, and holiday cheer for spreading' but alas, I'll be lucky if I estimated the proper amount of sweet potatoes for my potluck mash. Overall, I'd say I'm pretty lucky that this is my life: an abundance of potlucks, and enough work and outings with friends to keep me away from an overload of arts and crafts time. There will be time for arts and crafts next week, when the majory go on vacation, all the emails slow down, and out comes the modge podge... Know what I'm saying?

Anyways, for today's favorites- I've rounded up all the cool fun Thanksgiving themed stuffs I found on Pinterest:

These mason jars are pretty fun and look pretty easy to throw together. If it's too late to throw together for your Thanksgiving festivities this idea with snowflakes could make for a fun winter display- don't you think?

If you're roasting up a Turkey, follow this guide to make sure everything is timed properly. I'm not hosting this year, but I'm bookmarking this for future Thanksgivings to come...

These tags are super cute if you're bringing goodies for your host.

These pear treats look absolutely scrumptious. I see an overload of sugar in my future... 

And apple cider sangria is something I can definitely get behind. 

Hope you have a beautifully festive weekend! 




how and why to Drink Matcha

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Around this time last year, I discovered the joys of Amazon Prime and admittedly went a little mental. As in, I got really into ordering everything and then some from Amazon- even my mail lady called me out. Not only was I ordering things like dish detergent, paper towels, and toothpaste, but I also started ordering super foods in bulk: hemp hearts (5 lbs. of them), goji berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, and matcha tea. (Read more about my subscribe and saving ways, here.) In my defense, these ingredients inspire a lot of my cooking and I'm slowly working my way through them, but I had completely forgotten about the matcha until a couple weeks ago. 

I had an 'Ah-ha!' moment as I was scrolling through Instagram and realized matcha tea is a pretty big thing these days. Have you noticed? So naturally I paid a visit to Google, where I started reading about the benefits and history of this magic green powder, and decided to give it a try since I had 2 lbs. sitting in the pantry. Now I'm hooked. I drink the matcha every morning and I'm here to suggest you should too. This article does a great job at outlining the benefits, but I'll outline them below for you as well, and a bit about my experience so far.

Why to drink matcha tea:

High in anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are what help us fight the aging process by repairing UV damage and revitalizing our skin and preventing illness. One bowl of matcha has over five times as much antioxidants as any other food, which is totally crazy. I switched up my skin care regime a bit and started using aloe and coconut oil as a moisturizer, so I can't say what's what for sure, but my skin's been clearing up and feeling moisturized.

Loaded with Catechin, ECCg. Catechins are amongst the most potent of antioxidants, and are thought to contain cancer fighting properties. Matcha contains more than 100 times ECCg than any other tea, so drink up! 

Enhances calm. For thousands of years, eastern cultures have used matcha tea for meditation purposes. I definitely notice a sense of calm and diminished stress levels after I drink my morning matcha, which allows me to slip into my daily work routine with ease. This is because matcha contains L-Theanine which promotes alpha waves in the brain to induce relaxation without making you feel tired. 

Boosts memory and concentration. L-theanine also enhances the production of dopamine and serotonin, which improves memory, mood and concentration. So, basically matcha is the best thing to reach for before a long day of work or an intense study session.

Increases energy levels and endurance. Matcha naturally contains caffeine and the combination with the L-theanine can make the effects last for up to 6 hours without any of the nasty side effects. I like to drink a cup before my yoga workouts!

Burns calories. Matcha has been proven to increase your metabolism up to four times faster than normal levels. I have noticed a decrease in appetite, especially in the mornings, since I started incorporating this into my daily routine. 

Detoxifies the body. The green color of the matcha comes from high levels of chlorophyll cause by covering the leaves for the last three weeks before harvesting. The detoxifying properties of the matcha help to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. 

Fortifies the immune system. Incase you're still not convinced, matcha also contains vitamins A & C, iron, protein, calcium and potassium. Drink it up for your daily dose of good and you might be amazed at how great it makes you feel. I drink a couple bowls when I'm starting to feel the sniffles and I feel better almost immediately. 

Improves Cholesterol. Drinking matcha regularly has been proven to decrease bad cholesteral and increase good cholesteral. Even if you aren't the healthiest eater, adding matcha to your diet could help get on that track when you start to feel the impact of filling your body with clean energy. 

Amazing taste. Best part about matcha, is it's just as tasty as it is good for you. I make a cup every morning, but you can also combine the powder into smoothies, soups, and even muffins! (See Pinterest for inspiration) Check below for my favorite matcha concoction and start adding this magic powder into your daily routine. 


2 tsp. matcha

1 1/2 cups almond milk (warm)

a few drops of vanilla

pinch of thyme *optional

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

3 drops of stevia *optional


On the stove, heat up the almond milk until it's just about to boil. Remove from heat and add in remaining ingredients. Whisk until it all combines into a smooth, creamy, healthful cup of matcha! Sip it on up!


Have you ever tried matcha tea?! Link to comment up top by the title.



ps. If you plan on giving matcha a try, you might want to check out this article on 101 ways to prepare matcha! Pick some up at your local Whole Foods today!

a recipe for Thanksgiving Mash

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Guys, I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. This year has FLOWN- am I right?! Just a few minutes and 2015 will be here to say hello. Since I'm on the hunt for work and funds are tight, I decided not to go to Connecticut for the holidays. Nope, I decided to stay home in Los Angeles, where I have not one, but three Friendsgiving/Turkey Days to attend. That's a lot of potluck prep, people. Lately, I've had time to make my own nut milk, and cook all kinds of healthy fall stews, but I still get overwhelmed about cooking for parties, because you want to feed and impress a lot of people. I'm impressed with salt and cumin sprinkled on a 2 day old avocado, so I try to step it  up a notch while playing the potluck game.

What's great about this recipe I'm sharing with you today, is not only is it tasty, but it deserves some bonus points for creativity, kudos for the super health/anti-allergen factor, and it requires very minimal work. You can double, triple, whatever the recipe and store frozen in mason jars until you're ready to party- talk about convenient. And not to mention, it's also easy on the wallet. Just face it, you're making this. 


1 cauliflower

2 sweet potatoes

1/4 cup sundried tomatoes, chopped

1/2-1 cup almond milk

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp cayenne

Salt and pepper, to taste


Roughly chop and wrap the garlic, cauliflower and sweet potatoes in aluminum foil and place in the over for 1 hour at 400 degrees. 

Remove the cauliflower and sweet potatoes from the oven, and allow to cool for a few minutes.

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mash with a potato masher and stir until you achieve the desired texture. 

Serve warm and enjoy!

What are you whipping up for Turkey Day?! Link to comment up top by the title.